Secrets of High Performance Selling

What is commonly referred to as “body language” is really just an outward expression of emotion. His Secret Obsession The successful leader is attuned to the way others express themselves physically so he can identify what their emotional state is and accommodate it. On the flip side, he consciously expresses body language in a way that coveys an emotion appropriate to the situation.

This is perhaps the most difficult skill to develop. Leaders have to not only be able to identify the emotions of their followers but also understand why they are feeling that way. It means skillful listening and rational investigational techniques. It means you can’t fall back on the “If they’d just do it my way” response and instead get them to voluntarily “Do it your way” preferably believing it was their own idea from the beginning.

Science has proven that emotions are contagious. Mob mentality, where widely diverse group of individuals find themselves suddenly all expressing the same emotion and behavior is evident at any football game, wedding, funeral or riot. A powerful emotional moment, like the second a bride says “I do” or the home team scores, or they lower a casket will trigger an almost universal response and everyone within its influence will have the same emotion. Great leaders encourage an infection of positive emotions like confidence, optimism, and respect among their followers.

The confidence that high emotional intelligence instills in the true leader allows him to focus on the objective and not worry about competition for his leadership role. In fact the inspired leader knows that the more he or she can encourage the development of emotional intelligence in their subordinates, the more effective and productive their organization will be and that will reflect on the value of their leadership skills. True leaders identify the objective and then, just like the water boy, insures their subordinates have the resources they need to stay in the game.